Rain Free Days App Privacy Notice

Definitions used in this Privacy Notice

App” means this mobile application.

Personal data” means information that relates to any living identifiable individual.

Teva” means Teva UK Limited and the company who owns this App.

Teva may also be referred to in this Privacy Policy collectively as “we”, “us” and “our”.

You” means the App user.

Scope of this Personal Data Notice

This Personal Data Notice explains who has access to your personal data in the App and that in particular Teva does not have access to nor uses or collects your personal data in the App. This Personal Notice applies to your personal data displayed or stored the App.

Your Personal Data in the App

On signing up for the App you will be asked to enter the following details about you, such as:

As you use the App, you will be asked to track details about your headaches, such as the severity and duration of your headache and medications used to manage your headaches.

All the data about you and your headaches will be stored on the mobile phone that you use to access to App. This means that Teva nor any other third party will have access to your Personal Data so we will not process or use your Personal Data.

When you first use the App you will also be asked to provide a batch code verification for your AJOVY® medication. No Personal Data is submitted from the App or accessed or used by the third party as part of this verification process.

Once registered to use the App, you will use either a PIN code or security features on your phone, such as face ID or fingerprints, to login to the App. You will be asked to enter answers to a number of security questions as part of the App registration process. If you forget the pin you use to access the App, you will be asked to enter the answers to these security questions again. Like the data about you and your headaches, the answers to the security questions will also be stored on your mobile phone.

Aggregate Data Reports

Teva will receive aggregated data in relation to usage of the App. This aggregated data will not include any of your Personal Data nor will Teva be able to identify any App users from the aggregated data reports.